mk07 series pcb assembly with constant speed function

产品描述product description

mk07系列是一款专用型线路板组件,具有软启动,恒转速等功能,广泛应用于各类手持式电动工具,如: 150和180角向磨光机,拋光机等.
mk07 series are one special type pcb assembly, with soft start function and constant speed function, etc. commonly for used in portable power-tools such as 150mm and 180mm angle grinders, polisher grinders, etc.


◆可选带以下功能optional following function types:
→断电重启保护功能restart protection(x)
→电子调速功能electronics speed control function(e)
→软启动功能soft start function(s)
→恒转速功能constant speed function(cs)
→恒功功能constant power function(p)
→过流保护功能over current protection function(cp)

技术数据technical data

→电气耐久寿命electrical life endurance≥5e4
→最大电流max. current at 250v12a
→最大电流max. current at 127v18a
→绝缘电阻insulation resistance≥7m ohm
→基本介电强度dielectric strength of function500v
→加强介电强度dielectric strength of reinforced3000v
→环境温度ambient temperature0°c~55°c
→阻燃等级flammabilityul 94v-0
→适用于ii类防护器具suitable for appliances of protection class ii


◆输入端/输出端input side/output side:
→导线端子wire lead terminals
→信号端-带插头导线single-wire lead terminals with plug

电气参数和认证 electric rating and certification

订货信息ordering information